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About Us

This company is built upon the initiative and partnership of individuals whose primary objective is to integrates their abilities from human resource and relationship into Alternative Business, Informative Technology with Multi Range System of Network Distribution to form and share opportunities and possibilities to others.

With more than 18 years of combined experience. The company designed a unique compensation plan, aimed to unite each one to wok with one common goal, thus giving everyone an equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams into reality.

Out Mission

To build for the people a business anchored on excellence, integrity and professionalism–that work as one;

We ensure total customer satisfaction and well-being. We value our commitment, flexibility and responsiveness to everyone’s needs and ultimately their satisfaction.

Out Vision

The company will be looked upon as the finest alternative business, fulfilling everyone’s dream of decent lifestyle, and a healthy  and wealthy prosperous future; see the difference why Max4 is the best alternatives source of income.

Marketing Plan95%
Compensation Plan98%
System Uptime95%
Financial Education94%
Health Awareness93%
Financial Freedom100%



For most people, the reason they don’t win financially is because the pain of losing money is far greater than the joy of being rich.

Unknown - Anonymous

Member Testimonials



I am Mrs. Florence P. Tangkihay, 39 years old, presently residing in Poblacion, Claveria, Misamis Oriental with Mobile number 0916 374 1210. I am a person who is prone to experiencing headache. Stomach pain, chest pain and constipation. Before I started using max4 products, I underwent total Thyroidectomy Surgery (goiter operation). It came as Malignant Thyroid Cancer or Papillary Carcinoma based on the biopsy result and it needs Radio Active Iodine Therapy.
After my therapy, headache, chest pain and constipation got worse. I felt tired easily and felt weak to do my daily jobs. After a week of using max4 herbal capsule together with max4 herbal coffee and max4 scalar energy pendant. There is no more signs of headache, stomach pain and constipation. I felt energized and strong to do my jobs. Right now, I really feel well and good. My whole family use all max4 products.
My husband Mr. Allan Tangkihay who had hypertension, bronchitis, laryngitis, stops taking his synthetic medicines. With all this wonderful health experiences, I intend to continue using max4 products and gladly recommend them also to my friends and relatives because they are very effective.
Max4 products are not just good, they are EXCELLENT because they provide a way to enjoy a healthy life.


These are our products.
  • coffeemax4

    10 – In – 1 Coffee

    DESCRIPTION This product is packed with our daily supplemental needs. ANTI-DEPRESSANT! ANTI-CANCER! APHRODIASIAC! ENERGY BOOSTER! ANTI-STRESS! And improves blood circulations. Boost immune system, reduces cholesterol, helps to prevent cancer and othe...
  • herbalmax4

    MAX4 Herbal with Strength

    DESCRIPTION This Powerful Product Contains Four Essential Herbal Components such as Malunggay (Moringa), Ampalaya (Momordica Charantia), Sambong (Blumea Balsamifera L.), and Lagundi (Vitex Negundo). Packed with our daily supplemental Vitamins and Min...
  • vitceemax4

    Vitamin CEE

    DESCRIPTION This Product Contains four powerful ingredients such as Calcium Ascorbate (can be taken with empty stomach), Acerola (20% vitamin C than orange), Camu-Camu Extract (60% vitamin C than orange), Rosehip (help improve skin tone, texture and ...
  • xangramax4

    Xangra Juice

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  • esavermax4


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  • glutasoapmax4

    Gluta Soap

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  • rubmax4

    Herbal Massage Rub

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Contact Us

Feel free to come at our office and we'll discuss the details of the business.
1-G/F Montblanc Bldg., Burgos – Chaves St., Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines 9000
Email: max4unltd@yahoo.com, max4staff@gmail.com
Our Phone
Cagayan de Oro City: (088) 851 2024; 0917 628 3450
0942 631 2368
Tagum City: (084)308 2441 ; 0923 468 5435
Cebu City: (032) 415 1960 ; 0922 596 5208
Iligan City: 0922 787 4170